Advertising on Awkward & Beautiful


About My Readers: They love art journals, mixed media, DIY projects, slice of life posts, and pretty photography. If your blog or shop have these and more, consider joining in! Thanks to the new ad system, I have the right to decline your ad if it's not the right fit for my blog and readers.

How To Purchase: I'm happy to announce my switch to Passionfruit Ads, a lovely and convenient little ad system. It's now easy to purchase an ad here on this page, and to have your ad up on the blog in under 10 minutes! All you have to do is click which option you'd like to purchase down below, and Passionfruit Ads will help you with the rest. Please read the whole description of each ad spot for all information.

After you've purchased your ad space, if you are interested in hosting a giveaway or guest post, please email me your pitch idea and we can work something out!

**If you're interested in trading ad spaces, please email me before purchasing a spot!


- Get exposure for your shop by donating an item from your shop for me to use in an upcoming project. Items that I accept include art supplies & cute, fun, and practical office supplies. These items will be of my choosing for maximum honest reviews and products that I believe in. Your donation will be credited in the post with a link to your site. Please email me if interested.

- I'm also open to guest posts without having to be a sponsor. If you have a pitch in mind that you think will be a good post for Awkward & Beautiful (something along art, photography, or other interests in my about page), feel free to email me if interested.

With these two opportunities, I have the right to decline to your request if I feel that it's not a good fit for my blog. Thank you for understanding.