About Me

oh hi

My name is Natalie Paige Malik, I'm 22 years old, and I'm a Starbucks barista. I was born and raised in South Texas, but I've only adopted a few southern words like ya'll and ain't. I've always wanted to be an artist and a teacher since I was 5, and I hope to live that dream later in life. For now I just want to live and be creative.

 A Creative Dream...

I've loved art all my life, and knew I wanted it to be a big part of my future. I always thought I'd be a cartoonist/writer/publisher/whatever, but after a few years of college (and a horrible course of creative writing) I decided I wasn't going down that road. I started my first art journal in 2009 (after learning about altered books in 2007, and being inspired by Samantha Kira's painting techniques), when life was getting a bit overwhelming, and I didn't want to write down all of the details in my journal. Honestly, I never even fathomed the thought of picking up a paintbrush (I've always been a pencil kind of girl)! After purchasing my first tubes of paint and paintbrush, I haven't looked back.

I share my life with...

I have a wonderful boyfriend named Mark, who never fails to have some sort of fact up his sleeve, and always dazzles me with his medical and geekery knowledge. Sometimes I think he loves Arnold Swarzenegger more than me, but I should know better! And we both love our cat, Booth, who's named after the TV character Seely Booth from Bones. And he loves us too (whenever we feed him). We currently live in the Dallas, Texas area with Mark's parents, while we save up money and find our life callings ;)

 On My Playlist:
Belle & Sebastian, The Black Keys, Coldplay, Foster the People, Florence + Machine, Ray LaMontagne, Those Dancing Days, Sean Fournier, Rilo Kiley, She & Him, Feist, The Flaming Lips, and more!

In My Spare Time...
I love to browse around the web for constant inspiration and blare my Pandora station.


Mark, Josh and I are in a regular Dungeons and Dragons group, and we game every Tuesday at 7PM. My character is a (damage-dealing-super-awesome) Razorclaw Shifter Ranger, Mark is a clumsy Eladrin Rogue, and Josh is a charismatic Sword Mage Changeling. We also like to go out to lunch together and eat lots of yummy sandwiches (because Josh won't eat anything else!).We also love to play an online game called League of Legends together. 

Mark and I are obsessed with Asian food and watching movies on Netflix. We love making homemade sushi, and Mark has a strange addiction to our local Chinese buffet's egg-rolls. He won't eat anyone else's! Our favorite cooking shows are on YouTube, Cooking With Dog (They don't eat a dog, I promise!) and Epicmealtime (be careful with this show, lots of silly jokes and alcohol, but work friendly).


I've been lucky to have the chance to write for Stampington & Company's magazine "Art Journaling" (twice!), and shared my lovely journals, stories, and techniques with the readers.

front spread

"Journaling With Edge" in Art Journaling Winter 2010


"Summer of Love" in Art Journaling Winter 2011


"Up, Up, and Away!" in Art Journaling Spring 2012 and Somerset Studio May/June 2012

Featured Blogger in the international magazine, Featuring: Issue 1


Connie Hozvicka in her series "30 Journals 30 Days".
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Front page of my local paper, Victoria Advocate.
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