Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer of Love 2013 Journal (Part I.5)

Yep, still recording my summer in the Summer of Love journal, and still loving it. I was planning on showing you guys tons and tons of new pages, but the light was not cooperating, so I was only able to salvage a couple of pictures. It'll tide you over till next time, right?

Summer Notes
I Don't Like...
Packaging Tape Transfer (in the corner) Tutorial here.
This last page with the photo was a pleasant surprise. I was trying to get a good picture of my Starbucks Store, but my co-worker Emily jumped in front and glamorously photo bombed it. I'm so in love with the result. She's the greatest.

Summer is almost over, but I'm going to cling onto it until the pool is closed. Which I STILL haven't jumped into yet. This needs to happen...soon.


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  1. I love the pen marks on the picture in the first page. :) And still need to try the packing tape transfer...have to remember to buy the tape. ha! You inspire your work!


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