Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look Fear in the Face

Facing a Fear
materials: (craft) acrylic paint, lots of water, gel medium (to create the image transfer), brush marker, random scraps of paper, .03 ball point pen

Sometimes when I don't know what to say, but know what I'm feeling, sometimes I gotta look for other resources. On Twitter last night, I made a joke about the importance of quotes.
"Came up with the best art journaling advice [for myself] : When all else fails when journaling, put a quote on it. Yup."
Kinda like putting a bird on it, but better.
 So I needed a confidence boost, so can you guess what I googled? Confidence quotes. And who else has better quotes than Eleanor Roosevelt. The whole Roosevelt clan is quite awesome.

So anyways, that's my little nugget of wisdom for the day. There's absolutely nothing wrong with putting quotes into your journaling. Just make sure that it expresses how you feel. I mean, you are writing in your journal. Gotta keep it personal, right? ;)



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