Tuesday, February 12, 2013

179 Nopal Drive - A Work in Progress

Mark and I went down to our hometown this last weekend to do little wedding errands and to help out on the land that we're having our wedding! I never got to show you pictures (till now!) because I forgot my camera the last time I was there. And it's too bad, because the place looks better and better each time we come over! So here's the little country house that we're having our wedding at:

179 Nopal Drive

This is our friend Josh's parents house. They warmly gave us permission to use their property for the wedding ceremony and reception. We were absolutely ecstatic! One, it's free. Two, it's out in the middle of nowhere, which means we can be loud. Three, it's free. Four, plenty of space and a clean slate to work with. Five, the family is also offering to cook for us. Which is also free. Holy cow.

179 Nopal Drive

The last time we were there, there was barely any grass sprouting, and now look at it! And the interior of the house is almost done, just a few cosmetic touches. After they're done with the inside, it's time to have fun with the outside, where it really counts.

179 Nopal Drive

Everything is being held outside, ceremony and reception, under a huge tent near their pond. Wild flowers will be everywhere, the trees are already blooming, and we'll be adding more potted flowers and planting more trees soon. YAY.

179 Nopal Drive

It's a lot of work to get this all ready before April, but we're planning on visiting a lot more before the big day, which includes me coming in two weeks before to really help wrap things up. Heck, I'm even contemplating coming down three weeks early. Who knows. We have A LOT of stuff to get done. But I'm staying positive that we'll pull this all together in the end. Crossing my fingers!


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  1. how generous! it looks pretty now. i'm sure it will be just what you need. :)


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